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An Ocean Transfer cargo ship was forced to jettison some cargo during a severe storm. The various interests in the voyage at the time the property was jettisoned are the following: The captain jettisoned iron ore valued at $800,000. What is the amount that Ocean Transfer must pay under a general average loss? Explain your answer

Reference no: EM131046890

Negligently collided with a large freighter

The Mary Queen, an ocean-going oil tanker, negligently collided with a large freighter. The Mary Queen is insured by an ocean marine hull insurance policy with a running dow

Located between a theater and a department store

a. Janet is the risk manager of Daily News, a daily publication in a highly competitive market. She wants to be certain that the newspaper will continue to be published if t

Never-die battery manufactures batteries

Never-Die Battery manufactures batteries for industrial and consumer use. The company purchased a commercial package policy (CPP) to cover its property exposures. In additio

Some money and securities from an unlocked safe

Michael owns a television repair shop that is insured under a commercial package policy. The policy includes the building and personal property coverage form and the causes-

Purchase to deal with this exposure

Fast Pizza hires college students who drive their own cars to deliver pizzas to customers. Fast Pizza is concerned that the company may be liable for damages caused by compa

Electrical contractor that employs 10 electricians

Electrical Services is an electrical contractor that employs 10 electricians. Electrical Services faces numerous loss exposures. One general liability loss exposure arises o

Delivery service purchased a commercial umbrella

Delivery Service purchased a commercial umbrella policy with a $10 million liability limit and a $100,000 self-insured retention. The umbrella insurer required Delivery Serv

Surgeons and dentists professional liability policy

A surgeon is insured under a physicians, surgeons, and dentists professional liability policy. Explain whether the following situations are covered by the professional liabi


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