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An effective promotional strategy does not involve a "cookie cutter" approach. As stated in the text, there is no one right promotion blend for all situations. With this being said, the typical promotional plan should be blended and integrated to accomplish maximum results. Each promotional strategy must be developed as part of a marketing mix and should be designed to achieve the firm's chief promotional objectives. When a channel of distribution involves intermediaries, their cooperation can be crucial to the success of the overall marketing strategy. Pushing (a product through a channel) means using normal promotion effort-personal selling, advertising, and sales promotion-to help sell the whole marketing mix to possible channel members. Most producers focus a significant amount of promotion on customers at the end of the channel. This helps to stimulate demand and pull the product through the channel of distribution. Pulling means getting customers to ask intermediaries for the product. In the most effective promotional strategy, pulling and pushing are usually used in combination.

Name a product/service/company which is currently incorporating a pull and one that is currently incorporating a push strategy within their promotional strategy.

Reference no: EM13173170

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