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Poem approved : A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner

Research Approach Approved by Prof is Biographical Research : an argument about the reading of a story, play, or poem that would grow from research about the author (PLS USE THIS APPROACH).


The research project, worth 25% of your overall grade, requires you to synthesize the skills of critical reading, interpretation, analysis, and investigation that you have developed during the semester. The evaluation of the research project reflects a combination of points earned during the research assignment exercises and the evaluation of the paper itself.

Students may select any genre for their research project (fiction, drama or poetry), although a study of poetry is encouraged since the critical paper on poetry is fresh in your minds. Your task is to generate an original argument about a poem or poet (story or author; play or playwright); to submit appropriate research assignments during the process of investigation; to illustrate your argument in your development of the paper; and to integrate research in a logical and coherent manner.

The final draft of the research project should be 7--10 pages in length (1750-2500 words, 250 words a page), excluding works cited. The paper (project) should use at least five sources: 3 of these must be from other than web sources, and all should be current (unless you are using an historical approach). The sources must be credible, scholarly, and relevant.

Works Cited to be Used

Scholarly Sources for "A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner"

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