Amount of annual depreciation by straight-line method

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A storage tank acquired at the beginning of the fiscal year at a cost of $172,000 has an estimated residual value of $20,000 and an estimated useful life of eight years.

a. Determine the amount of annual depreciation by the straight-line method.

b. Determine the amount of depreciation for the first and second years computed by the double-declining-balance method.

Reference no: EM13145310

Net income of a repair shop

Benny's Repair Shop started the year with total assets of $100,000 and total liabilities of $80,000. During the year the business recorded $210,000 in revenues, $110,000 in

Prepare the necessary journal entries in the books of mulles

The partners agreed to share profits and losses equally and decided to invest an equal amount in the partnership. Prepare the necessary journal entries in the books of Mulles.

Journal entry recording for the sale of old plotter

Toth chose to upgrade to a premium model in January 2007 and sold the old plotter to dunn drafting for $2,500. Prepare the journal entry recording for this sale of old plotter

Sample of accounts payable for confirmation

Select a sample of accounts payable for confirmation, emphasizing vendors with a large balance and those that the client transacts with frequently, but include several with

Discuss thoughts on implications of e-filing tax documents

You are training an intern and must explain to her a tax preparers professional responsibilities - Prepare a response to discuss your thoughts on the implications of e-filing

Yogurt machine and gross income

Only executives are permitted to buy yogurt machines at a discount. What is Sarah's adjusted basis for the yogurt machine and how much must she include in her gross income?

Finding the great recession

During the Great Recession, many employees avoided asking for work/life benefits because they wanted to appear completely dedicated to the company. To what extent do you thi

What is the employer payroll tax expense

Social security tax rate, 6% on maximum of $100,000; and Medicare tax rate, 1.5% on all earnings; state unemployment compensation tax, 3.4% on the first $7,000; federal unem


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