Amortization schedule based on the following information

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Prepare an amortization schedule based on the following information:

You are purchasing a car for $19,500 and you are getting a loan for the entire amount. The interest rate from Honda Motor Finance Corporation is 9.9% per year. Your loan in a unique one in that you only have to pay twice per year (at the end of every 6 months). The loan has a 3-year term, but you plan to make a lump sum payment after 2 years in order to pay off the loan. Find out what the ending balance on the loan will be after 2 years and complete an amortization table with the following columns filled in for periods 1-4: Beginning Balance, Payment, Interest, Principal, Ending Balance.

Reference no: EM131428972

What is the present value of this investment

Dynamics Telecommunications Corp. has made an investment in another company that will guarantee it a cash flow of $26,987 each year for the next five years. If the company u

Utilizing the tenet of 69

a fund organization offers to give Rs20000 following 14 years consequently for Rs.5,000 saved today. Utilizing the tenet of 69, make sense of the inexact interest rate adverti

Prepare all elimination entries needed in a three-part work

P1  On January 1, 2007, Hebron, Inc. purchased 75 percent of the outstanding stock of Jasper, Inc. for $1 million. At the date of acquisition Jasper's common stock and retaine

What will happen to her money

Dellatorre is also very bright, and, therefore, she would like to understand, in general terms, what will happen to her money. Your boss has developed the following set of que

Compute the annual percentage rate of interest loan

The bank offers you a 15-year mortgage you to pay a 3 percnt loan origination fee, which will reduce the effective amount the bank lends to you. Compute the annual percentag

Explain what do you think about brian johnsons situation

What do you think about Brian Johnson's situation? How does he resolve this issue? Include the following information in your case study summary: An overview of Brian Johnson

Estimate the value of common stock

The Corporation had declining sales and rising expenses over the last decade and expects this trend to continue. As a result, company predicts that earnings and dividends will

Candy and i were going

Candy and I were going through the last year's financial statements (year ended 31 December 2012) and I discovered that the income tax expense account was significantly lower


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