Americans pay for typical goods and services

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Which of the following are facts about the U.S. economy? Check all that apply.

Business profits account for nearly one-third of the price Americans pay for typical goods and services. More than 75% of what Americans buy is made in the United States. The United States is a relatively closed economy. Americans are among the most heavily taxed people in the world.

Reference no: EM131188725

Draw the demand and supply curves for oil

US imports oil at the world price, $35 per barrel. The domestic supply curve in barrels per day is S = 3500000 + 350000P with P in dollars. Domestic demand curve is D = 60,000

Suppose that firms choose prices simultaneously

Differentiated Bertrand. Consider a Differentiated Bertrand model in which demand is given by q1 = 100 – p1 + p2 and q2 = 100 – p2 + p1 for firm 1 and firm 2 respectively and

The price elasticity of demand for urban transit fares

The price elasticity of demand for urban transit fares has been estimated to lie between -0.1 and -0.6. Based on these results, give an economic argument for raising transit f

Explain how the incidence

Explain how the “incidence” (i.e. “Who pays the tax”) of a per-unit tax on transactions depends upon the slopes of the supply curve and the demand curve. You may utilize graph

Graph of the life cycle theory of consumption

Explain the math and graph of the Life Cycle Theory of Consumption. Using this equation and graph of the Life Cycle Theory of Consumption, explain how a consumer would react t

Drawing on your readings in behavioral economics

What is imperfect optimization and why might it be costlier, in relative terms, for the poor than for the rich? Please suggest a public policy solution that may address this i

What is the consequence of leaving out of the model

Supposed we include X1 in our single regression € Y = β0 + β1X1 + u , but we leave out X2, a variable that is negatively correlated with the included variable X1. X2 is a dete

Statement of cash flows-cash flow from operating activities

Hampton Industries had $60,000 in cash at year-end 2015 and $17,000 in cash at year-end 2016. The firm invested in property, plant, and equipment totaling $240,000. Cash flow


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