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Write an essay about that topic( from American culture perspective,  not the Indian one) the post structuralist theories put forward by Baudrillard regarding reality and hyper-reality.  At the same time, our media is replete with instances of "reality tv." 

Write an essay about whether you believe media portrayals are “realistic”? Why or why not?  As part of your discussion, select a media example (not cited in this weeks readings or materials) that depicts Baudrillard's theory of simulation and simulacra.  As part of your analysis, also answer the following questions:  

What do people mean when they use the world “realistic”?
What does it mean to call something “realistic”?
Should media be “realistic” in portraying the social world?  Why/why not?  

4 pages + references should be enough,  as long as you cover all the assignment's requirements very carefully.the Survivor show may be a good example,  not sure since I haven't yet read the theory.

Reference no: EM13995860

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