Although partnerships are flow-through entities

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Part 1:

Although partnerships are flow-through entities, partner-partnership, partner-partner, and partner-external party transactions may have tax implications. Discuss the tax implications of each type of transaction. Focus on how gains may be triggered in each transaction type.

Part 2:

One of the most difficult part of preparing a partnership tax return is the allocation of income the partners. If there is a partnership agreement in place, it is used to allocate income. The tax preparer must follow the partnership agreement to prepare each partner’s Schedule K-1. Review the attached Partnership Agreement and discuss the following:

What is the purpose of Schedule K-1 for partnerships and S-Corporations?

Discuss potential difficulties in allocating income using the basic partnership agreement attached above.

There is no partnership to attach. this is what my teacher gave me and it is this weeks dicussion.

Reference no: EM131398309

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