All disputes arising between buyer and seaway volkswagen

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Suppose Mr. and Mrs. Robinson find in the original paperwork with Seaway Volkswagen that there is a contractual agreement with a provision that says “all disputes arising between buyer and Seaway Volkswagen will be litigated, if at all, in the county courts of Westchester County, New York.” Will the Oklahoma court take personal jurisdiction over Seaway Volkswagen, or will it require the Robinsons to litigate their claim in New York?

Reference no: EM131427645

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When IT procurement managers do business across a transnational border (or choose which borders to negotiate across) it will be helpful for managers to be aware of what restra

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An OSHA inspector is conducting a compliance inspection of a soft drink bottling plant. As she walks around she notices large vats of liquids, some of which have labels that s

Discuss the importance of listing

Also discuss the importance of listing, sequencing and allocating time estimates to all activities to be performed during the project execution, and strategies to ensure or


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