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Dumpster Diving skills

You have observed that Alexander Rocco Corporation uses Alika's Cleaning Company for its janitorial Services. The company's floors are vacuumed and mopped each night, and the trash is collected in large bins placed outside for pickup on Tuesdays and Fridays. You decide to visit the dumpster Thursday evening after the cleaning crew leaves. Wearing surgical gloves and carrying a large plastic sheet, you place as much of the trash on the sheet as possible. Sorting through the material, you find the following items: a company phone directory; a Windows NT training kit; 23 outdated Oracle magazines; notes that appear to be programs written in HTML, containing links to a SQL Server database; 15 company memos from key employees; food wrappers; an empty bottle of expensive vodka; torn copies of several resumes; an unopened box of new business cards; and an old pair of women's running shoes.

Explain the relevance these items have. What recommendations, if any might you give to Alexander Rocco management?

Reference no: EM13952381

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