Alcohol and public health

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Need to cover all these topics in the report

1. Alcohol and public health

1.1 Alcohol consumption in its historical context

1.2 Pathways of alcohol-related harm

1.2.1 Volume of alcohol consumed

1.2.2 Pattern of drinking

1.2.3 Quality of alcohol consumed

1.3 Mechanisms of harm in an individual

1.4 Abstention

1.5 Factors affecting alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm

1.5.1 Age

1.5.2 Gender

1.5.3 Familial risk factors

1.5.4 Socioeconomic status

1.5.5 Economic development

1.5.6 Culture and context

1.5.7 Alcohol control and regulation

1.6 Alcohol-related harms

1.6.1 Health consequences for drinkers

1.6.2 Socioeconomic consequences for drinkers

1.6.3 Harms to other individuals

1.6.4 Harm to society at large

1.7 Action to reduce harmful use of alcohol

1.7.1 Evidence of effectiveness

1.7.2 Global action

1.7.3 Regional action

1.7.4 National policies

1.8 Monitoring

Assignment need to be fully plagiarism free and unique. Need to follow all the heading as I have given in descriptions with 1800 words limit no less with 8 to 10 references. Similar like this topic but different and unique content


Reference no: EM13950685

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