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Assessment Task: (indicative word count, as specified at the module descriptor: 2000 words)

Having read and analyzed the ‘Air Force Crew Case Study', available at the ‘Learning Material' folder of Blackboard (Learning material>The Air Force Crew Case Study) you answer the following questions:

-What do you think went wrong and the V boat started to perform poorly?
-How do you think the root causes of the performance of both the V and JV boats relate with the management principles that you have been taught during the delivery of the module?
-What could Coach Asym have done immediately after the first wins of the JV boat to alter the course of events? Refer any negative side effects your proposed actions might trigger and provide reasonable risk mitigation.
-What do you advise Coach Asym to do and why?

Grading Criteria: Marking Scheme
1 Understanding and elaboration on the people management principles influencing the performance of both teams. Understanding the team dynamics and the complex interactions taking place within a team environment.
2 Understanding the broader context and the influence of the environment on managing people and building coherent teams. Anticipating uncertainty and formulating risk mitigation plans.
3 Feasibility: You are expected to propose feasible, ‘fit for purpose' and well supported solutions for altering the course of events, enhancing the performance of both teams and competing in the Nationals.
4 Creativity/Innovation: You are expected to think creatively when you formulate respective solutions. Suggested solutions should extend beyond the ones proposed at the case study.

No# of Pages: 8 pages (2,000 words)

The Air Force Crew Team CASE 

It was near the end of the crew season in May 2000 and Colonel Con Economou, the coach of the Air Force Crew team for the Hellenic Air Force Academy at Athens, has just spent the last three weeks in utter frustration. He faced a situation he had never seen before in the nine years he had coached the sport: the Junior Varsity (JV) crew boat frequently beat the Varsity (V) boat during practice and in some races. This was not supposed to happen. Coach Economou (or Coach Asym.) had selected the members of the Varsity boat after a long series of objective tests measuring their speed, strength and coordination-all of which demonstrated that they were the top eight rowers on this team. So how did the JV boat-consisting of the bottom eight rowers on this team-frequently beat the V boat?

Over the course of the season, Coach Asym had made many attempts to gather information that would help him understand and resolve this unusual situation. So far, however, nothing had worked. Now it was just one week before the culmination of the season, the National championship race with over one hundred schools competing, and Coach Asym deliberated over several options. The most radical action would be to acknowledge that the JV team was better than the V team and simply promote the whole JV team to the V team for this race. A second option was to switch a small number of individual members of the two boats. Alternatively, Coach Asym could keep the current team members in each boat, but try to intervene to improve the performance of the V team-but how?

Read More CASE in attached document


Reference no: EM13968921

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