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Question: A population of collared lizards is fragmented into three glade populations by an aggressive anti-forest-fire campaign. At the "B" locus, there are only two alleles. In subpopulation 1, there are 30 individuals, and the frequency of allele B1 is 0.4 (freq(B2=0.6)). In subpopulation 2, there are 100 individuals, and the frequency of B1 is 0.1. In subpopulation 3, there are 70 individuals, and the frequency of B1 is 0.9.

  1. What is the Fst of this population of collared lizards?
  2. Note that Hs will be a weighted mean this time.
  3. please tell me 1) Hs, 2) Ht, and 3) Fst.
  4. Please explain how to get Hs, Ht, and Fst


Reference no: EM1386234

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