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Review the case at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, "Getting to the Root of The Matter" at

Prepare a 4-page paper that responds to the following:

  1. Define a root cause analysis and when it is used.
  2. In the case study identify the incident and explain the problem that might trigger a root cause analysis.
  3. Do you agree that the problem should not be investigated? Explain why or why not?
  4. Discusses the goals and limitations of root cause analysis;
  5. Outline the steps to conduct a root cause analysis.

Assignment Expectations

  • Limit your responses to a minimum of four pages, not including title and reference list pages.
  • Be sure to utilize at least 3-4 scholarly references to support your discussions.
  • Be sure to properly cite your references within the text of your assignment and listed at the end.
  • Be sure to apply critical thinking skills to the write-up of your assignment, especially in regard to #3 above.

Reference no: EM131446972

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