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Case Study

Analyze Case Study I-4: "Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children's Health Fund of New York City" (on pp. 157-165 in the textbook).

- Analyze the case study, and develop the conclusions, recommendations, and implications.

- Consider the implementation challenges in the case and the technologies used to meet them, along with the finalquestions posed at the end of the case. (last paragraph on p. 165)

- Summarize your findings in a two-page paper using proper APA formatting.

End of case study questions

- Are there newer more affordable network communications solutions that should be tried?

- Will the federal governments HITECH stimulus funds and meaningful use standards lead to better software integration solutions?

- Will the increase in software adoptions at physician offices make it more difficult for him to retain his staff?

- What combination of conditions could emerge that render the mobile medical clinic model obsolete?

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Reference no: EM13489637

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