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Affiliations and partnerships are frequently used to reach a larger local audience? Which options stand to avail for the Hotel manager and what problems do these pose? =Tourism offices, joint marketing should identify the key OPERATIONAL issues arising from the literature.

This report inhibits:

1. Introduction

2. Hotel industry

3. Partnership options for hotel manager

4. Issues and challenges for hotel manager

5. Conclusion

6. References

Referencing system of this report

Know the theories, principles and concepts applicable to the sector;

Understand the complexities of the global industry sector, size, format and changes;

Identify issues and trends affecting the industry at local, national and global levels

Apply knowledge of the theories, principles and concepts to the industry sector as appropriate;

Evaluate and assess challenges in managing the sector and in improving business performance;

Develop the ability to judge the performance of an operation using selected criteria;

Work independently with minimum supervision and within agreed guidelines

Adopt a professional approach to the role of manager in the hotel sector;

Develop the ability to operate in complex and unpredictable environments.

Develop the ability to critique the viability of a business or business sector using case analysis

Challenge own opinions and judgements and those of others

Demonstrate the confidence and flexibility in the use of appropriate tools to solve problems and effect change.

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