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A small hospital in a well-managed healthcare system can consider three ways to obtain a CSS. It can "stand alone," hiring its own professionals. It can "outsource," buying service from a local provider that would otherwise be a competitor. It can "affiliate," arranging for training, procedures, and supervision through its system or one of its larger affiliates.

How should the HOC decide what to do?

Who should be involved in the decision and why?

Reference no: EM131035984

What are the lessons learned regarding disaster planning

Your community HCO is in a large coastal city located in hurricane territory. You have been assigned to a Process Improvement Team (PIT) and tasked with providing a brief revi

How are the epidemiologic planning model

Why does an HCO plan the sizes of its various components? What are the implications of too big and too small? Why is the final decision reserved for the governing board? How a

About game theory-find three nash equilibria

First find three Nash equilibria of the following normal form game one of the equilibria is a mixed strategy equilibrium. Then think about the following metaphor for life - as

Price discrimination-deceptive pricing-negotiable pricing

Which business/company have done price discrimination, deceptive pricing, and negotiable pricing. What legal, ethical, and negative business consequences might arise from this

Proper response to problem on strategic protection report

What is the proper response to reports indicating that customer satisfaction scores are below the minimum goal for the second consecutive quarter? What is the proper response

What are mechanisms that identify investment opportunities

Technology advances rapidly in many CSSs. To keep up, investments must be made in learning, training, and equipment. How does an HCO keep all its CSSs up-to-date? What are the

Impaired or obstructive clinical staff members

Some flash points in clinical staff relations are recurring and predictable. In an interview for a new position, you are asked, “How should our HCO deal with these issues? Int

Planning surprise party

Ruth Lee is planning a surprise party for Thomas Lee. She has decided to serve shish kebob. The recipe that she is using calls for two pineapple chunks for each shrimp. She pl


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