What was the consequence of the size of the BHP program
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??This is an article with 5 question exercise. I need your help in completing it. The answers will be as short notes for each question. The most important is the time of delivering?.


Questions for Discussion

1. How did the experience with experimental programs affect the nature and pace of innovation at EPS?

2. What was the consequence of the size of the BHP program for EPS's decisions? What might have happened if HO had come along first?

3. What was the role of administrative interest and leadership in the decision to participate, and what we-re the ultimate -consequences of participation?

4. How might a seriously negative experience with the BHP have affected future EPS decisions?

5. How might the commercial product affect future offerings of the BHP, which was ultimately converted to a permanent, statewide program, and HO?


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Eastern Physician Services, also famous as EPS, is a medical bureau in Easternville town, which has an approximate population of 3,00,000 and is located in a rural area of Washington DC. The medical bureau has been serving the community since 35 years and provides traditional indemnity insurance coverage for almost 30 percent of the local population. EPS has only one other medical bureau which gives it a tough competition. EPS received the opportunity of undertaking two major operations that were initiated by the state legislation. One was BHP, also known as the Basic Health Plan, while the other was HO, also known as Healthy Options. Both the plans were different than the other and greatly helped the organization in improving their nature and pace of innovation. There were many issues that the organization experienced in the first year in both the plans.

The different operational skills required by both the plans helped the company in improving their working operations and techniques in the later years of the plans and achieve higher customer satisfaction and also the job satisfaction of the physicians who were hired for the health plans. Further, it also enabled them to launch one of their own commercial managed care product known as EPS care, which the organization planned to market in competition with the closed-panel plan.

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