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Andrew, Brian, Colin, Diana and Elizabeth were the directors of Gemsales Pty Ltd, a company engaged in the business of importing and supplying jewellery as wholesalers to the local market.

The company decided that as the market was becoming more competitive it needed to expand its business as it felt with increased volumes of sales it would be able to lower its prices and be more competitive. In order to do so it obtained a $4 million dollar loan from the Friendly Bank Ltd. $3 million was used to buy more stock and $1 million was used to buy a large new warehouse and showrooms from Traders Pty Ltd.Six months later, Brian resigned as a director. At the same time it was clear the company had over-extended itself and was insolvent and could not pay the interest on its loans.

It also became clear that Brian was a major shareholder in Traders Pty Ltd and the other directors were unaware of this at the time of the purchase of the warehouse and showrooms. Furthermore, Brian had been approaching other established customers of Gemsales Pty Ltd and had secured orders for his own business.

Write a report on given case study and Advise as to the liability of ALL the parties both under common law and the Corporations Law.

  • Problem Identification
  • Discussion and Analysis
  • Breaching of Duties
  • Solution
  • Conclusion
  • Peferences

Word count: 2000

Reference style : Harvard referencing style

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