Advantages of using a high-moderate-low risk

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Q1) What problems may occur if the project manager does not have a follow-on project when the current project nears termination?

Q2) What are the advantages of using a high-moderate-low (or red-yellow-green) risk designation as opposed to assigning quantitative numbers to each cell and risk level ?

Reference no: EM1339789

Family plan to plant a vegetable garden

Imagine you and your family plan to plant a vegetable garden in your backyard. The purpose of the project is to reduce your family's food costs and ensure that your foods are

Minimum yearly cash inflow of company with project

If Etsitty requires a 14% return on its investment, what minimum yearly cash inflow will be necessary for the company to go forward with this project?

Analyzing the facets of team performance

Analyze the facets of team performance to determine which capacity is the mot important across the greatest number of situations. Provide specific examples to suport your re

Why world population function does not satisfy

In 1999, the world population was 6.0 billion and increasing at 1.3% per year; in 2009, it was 6.8 billion and increasing at 1.2% per year. In which year, 1999 or 2009, was

Complex project orientated environment

Develop your planning and analytical skills in the context of a complex project orientated environment - Prepare a report that critically evaluates your solutions in relation

Are the cost components in the budget clearly defined

Are milestones identified? Do they make sense? Are the cost components in the budget clearly defined? Is the list comprehensive? Is the decision to track internal vs. external

Types of risks are inherent in a project

What types of risks are inherent in a project? Where do they originate? Can they be mitigated? How? What are the consequences of ignoring a conflict within a project team?

Project - data description and forecasting

Project: Data Description and Forecasting, Collect data on any topic of interest to you, preferably something related to your work (application of the techniques from this c


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