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This project is being undertaken to develop a new office building for Procurement Plaza Inc., located at 925 S. Niagara, Denver, CO 80218. This free-standing office building will be built on ¼ acre and will accommodate the increased staff of Procurement Plaza Inc. while allowing room for continued growth over the next ten years.

Project Description:

The high-rise 8 story office building will be constructed to take advantage of the latest building materials and codes and will employ emerging technology to minimize energy consumption. Construction will be overseen and managed by LNK Construction, the prime contractor who may subcontract components of the construction effort. The project will commence January 14, 2013 and will be completed by September 15, 2013.

1.)Identify a project where u have used a contract (procurement) plan

2.) Select a project Boston 1993 underground system- big dig, identify contracts, lessons learnt


Reference no: EM13938189

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