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a- As advances in technology make the self-registration of guests more easily achievable, some hotel companies have moved aggressively to implement such technologies. Those who have not done so, however, point out the diminished role personal service plays in such self-access systems. Share with your classmates your thoughts about whether the average business traveler prefers the speed of self-check-in or the human interaction of a front-desk agent? How about the average leisure traveler? How about yourself?

b- Increasingly, some hotels chains are outsourcing some or all of their housekeeping operations. Local community reaction to this approach has sometimes led to backlash or even boycotts of those hotels that choose to outsource housekeeping workers for the purpose of reducing wages and benefit costs. Share with your classmates what you see as advantages of taking such an outsourcing approach to room cleaning? What do you see as some potential disadvantages of taking such an approach? If you owned a hotel of 200 rooms or more would you outsource these services?

Reference no: EM132280722

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