Adult learning theory

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Adult Learning Theory

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What value would it be to know that you were going to be training a class of persons between the ages of 20 and 35? Would it influence the approach you would take? How?

Consider the ages of persons in the class mentioned in the previous question. What suggestions would you make to the instructor or trainer as to how to better teach the course given the generations represented in the class?

Reference no: EM13862969

Analysis of organisation development

In light of the above statement, please provide a analysis of Organisation Development and its integration with the Human Resources Development Strategy in an organisation.

Foundational element for sound decision making in business

Is Focusing on the process not individual functional area is a foundational element for sound decision making in business to increase the probability for positive business out

Various qualitative and quantitative forecasting methods

Describe the various qualitative and quantitative forecasting methods available. How would you choose the appropriate forecasting method? Include examples in your response. Wh

Considering forming joint venture with existing for-profit

To seek shelter from the competitive storm, Marcus Welby Hospital (MWH) is considering forming a joint venture with an existing for-profit HMO. MWH would be given 30 percent o

Evaluate how the strategy has either improved

Audits are commonly associated with the financial and accounting records of the business. Using the publicly available financial statements of Mcdonald's, evaluate how the s

What would be the target manpower

Consider the following tasks that must be assigned to four workers on a conveyor-paced assembly line (i.e., a machine-paced line flow). Each worker must perform at least one t

Global integration along with clamoring-local responsiveness

The MNE of the future, in whatever form it takes, will more than likely face pressures for global integration along with those clamoring for local responsiveness. In your opin

What is the cross-over point between the two machines

Big John is considering purchasing a new machine that will drop the variable cost to $.28 per unit, but has a fixed cost of $150,000. What is the cross-over point between th


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