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Administrators must continuously seek opportunities to increase the profitability of their practice or facility. Throughout this course, you will develop a plan to integrate a current and emerging trend in health care in your organization. You will be preparing components of your Executive Summary to integrate a current or emerging solution into your organization. The Executive Summary will include the following:

Week 1: Topic Research/Selection and Literature Review

Week 2: Organizational Assessment

Week 3: Project Plan

Week 4: Implementation Plan

Week 5: Evaluation Plan

Week 1: Topic Research/Selection and Literature Review

Part 1: Topic Research and Selection

Begin this process by researching what health care organizations are doing or attempting to do to increase profitability. Remember, profitability can be improved from many different angles. A nonexclusive list of potential ways would be adding additional services, decreasing costs, increasing the amount of services that are provided, or implementing a quality improvement program that qualifies for incentive monies. Check trade journals or professional discussion boards, or reach out to existing health care managers.

Part 2: Literature Review

Perform a literature review of the solution that you have decided to apply to your organization. The review will encompass several articles, and at least 1 of the articles must be peer-reviewed. Look at current material (within the last 2 years). Remember, a literature review includes a summary of the information that you found that is relevant to your topic as well as an APA reference for each resource that you reviewed. Identifying what topic to perform research on should be accomplished quickly because you will need sufficient time to perform your literature review. Review a minimum of 10 documents. The review should be between 6-8 pages, not including the bibliography.

Reference no: EM132184616

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