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Conformity and Compliance Assignment

Social Psychology attempts to explain the social forces that influence attitudes and actions. Topics on Stereotyping and Prejudice, Attribution Theory, and the power of social roles are important for psychologists to understand. Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment demonstrates how in-groups / out-groups conform to external standards and clearly define stereotypical roles.

Review Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment using the link "Zimbardo's Prison Study" link in the Supporting Lesson Links folder.
Using Zimbardo’s Prison, address the following topics:

a) Identify social roles in society where Conformity, Prejudice, and Stereotyping occur.

b) Explain how social roles lead to conformity, and hypothesize why individuals lose themselves in these roles.

c) How may leaders prevent abuse of social roles among their employees or other authority figures?

d) Discuss how our social roles dictate our positions in society and how we can facilitate cohesiveness to accomplish the group’s goal without demonstrating Prejudice and Stereotyping.

e) Does obedience to authority explain Nazi Germany? If so, could it occur again? Using your understanding of Conformity and Social Roles, explain your answer.

Write a 500-700 word paper addressing the theory of conformity, and using examples from Zimbardo and your own experiences, to answer the related questions. Provide at least two (2) credible outside references. Wikipedia and are not credible or appropriate academic websites and should not be used. Remember to cite your references and use APA format (Times New Roman, font size 12, 1” margins with title and reference pages).

Reference no: EM1310700

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