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Your CEO reads an article that the German firewall company, Securepoint, has hired the author of Sasser worm. She also refers to the articles from the security experts who are in support of or against the hiring. She concludes that it would be a better idea for your company in order to hire the local hacker to work for your company. She asks you, company's Chief Information Security Officer, for your opinion. Provide your advice whether you agree or disagree along with the CEO, specifically addressing the ethical issues included. Supposing you decide in order to hire a hacker, how could you protect your proprietary interests?

Reference no: EM1323056

Craete an inheritance hierarchy for classes quadrilateral

Write down an inheritance hierarchy for classes Quadrilateral, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Rectangle and Square. Use Quadrilateral as the superclass of the hierarchy.

Design assumptions that control electronic circuit systems

The central bank has a vault controlled system for nine (9) vaults in its care. An ant-theft system is put in place to protect the vaults. Show the design assumptions that co

Which power supply you would purchase why

Which power supply you would purchase? Why? Write a 175- to 300-word memorandum (memo) to the Research and Development department manager that provides a justification for th

What is the importance of the program telnet

My co-worker Mark and I both regularly use our mainframe UNIX system. I've fingered him, and know that he's logged on. when I do not want to have a conversation with him, in

Tcp clients

Let's imagine that we have 2 TCP clients. A simple one (modTCPClient.c) like the one you wrote in the first part of project 2 and another one (modTCPClient1.c) that after it c

Construct a truth table and find minimized boolean function

Construct a truth table and find the minimized Boolean function to implement the logic telling the CSU staff when to approve. Draw a circuit diagram for the Boolean function

Which societies is more likely to focus on building relation

Which of the following societies is more likely to focus on building long-term relationships in business? In which of the following societies is a professor ore likely to be c

Sketch quality is an elusive concept

sketch quality is an elusive concept. Quality depends on specific organizational priorities: a 'good' design may be the most efficient, the cheapest, the most maintainable,


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