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1. Based on what we have learned in this week's lessons about how the brain works and reading the Hartley article choose a specific disease or condition to discuss that you think may or may not be affected by using rewiring techniques. Are there some conditions you feel are more adaptable or is the application unlimited?

2. Based on your research and what other students shared here in the discussion, do you think there is scientific evidence to support valid use of neuroplasticity in treatment or prevention of illness?

Reference no: EM131390595

How many different combinations of chromosomes

If we ignore the possibility of crossing over, how many different combinations of chromosomes are probable in gametes of a single human.

Paragraph for each source

Using each of these sources. would you be able to write a paragraph for each source using quotes from the sources, talking about the mammoth extinction and the type of source

Create the necessary pore spaces

You are asked to create soil that would be considered very fertile.  What would you include in your "recipe?"  How would you create the necessary pore spaces?  What is usually

The salt content in seawater is much higher

1.The salt content in seawater is much higher than what we can process in the human body because sea water has a high concentration of salts (sodium chloride). The concentrati

Describe receptive fields in the retina

Discuss the molecular mechanisms on how a photoreceptor relays a signal to the bipolar cells describe receptive fields in the retina and how they are relayed to the brain.

Explain why rigor mortis develops

For about the first 36 hours after a person dies, their skeletal muscles are in a rigid state called rigor mortis because myosin cross-bridges cannot detach from actin. Give

Yields the cua codon for leucine

1. The difference in RNA bases compared to DNA bases is A) RNA contains A instead of T. D) RNA contains A instead of U. B) RNA contains U instead of G. E) None of the above. 

Explain instinct theory and humanistic theory

Select at least two theories concerning human motivation. The two theories are: Instinct Theory and Humanistic Theory, Obtain faculty approval of your selected theories prior


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