Activists in the modern environmental movement

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Following the unionization of workers in the northeast, the garment industry relocated in the south where labor was cheaper, and nearer the source of cotton. These two factors gave the south:

A) decreased means of production for manufacturing garments.
B) economies of scale for producing garments.
C) market forces to propel the garment industry.
D) the comparative advantage over the northeast.

Those who are activists in the modern environmental movement would likely engage in all of the following, EXCEPT:

A) a protest of Victoria’s Secret due to the number of trees used to produce their catalogues.
B) a rally at the National Mall promoting religious freedom for Native Americans.
C) a rally demanding an end to the destructive mountain-top removal coal mining in Appalachia.
D) a boycott of Apple products for violations of environmental justice and unfair labor practices in China.

Reference no: EM13509808

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