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1. Is affirmative action appropriate as a hiring policy? Is it always a good idea? Never a good idea? Is it only appropriate under certain circumstances? For example, is it only appropriate for certain hiring characteristics, industries, geographical markets, etc.?

Reference no: EM131330922

Discuss the concept of customer lifetime value

Discuss the concept of customer lifetime value (CLV) and its importance to the long-term profitability to a company. What three factors comprise the formula for computing CLV?

Create vital opportunities and threats for organizations

According to Michael Porter, what are the five competitive forces that create vital opportunities and threats for organizations? Which force do you feel is most important in t

What criteria did you use to arrive at your decision

You are a prosecutor in a jurisdiction that does not use the grand jury system. An elderly man has administered a lethal dose of sleeping tablets to his wife, who was sufferin

Undergraduate research conferences

Some professional organizations and colleges and universities provide opportunities for undergraduate students to present the results of their research. Some even offer stipen

Elucidate how could vincent weafer use technical

Elucidate how could Vincent Weafer use technical, human also conceptual skills to maintain an environment that encourages innovation also professionalism among the virus hun

Strategic management process in your strategic plan

Discuss how you will apply the strategic management process in your Strategic Plan? Address the three stages of the strategic management process. How will this help you achiev

Discuss the economic-political-educational-family

Briefly discuss the economic, political, educational, family, and marital systems of a country of your choice. Include a response to the following questions in your discussi

Provide presentation to your team on emotional intelligence

You are the new manager for a manufacturing company. You are asked to provide a presentation to your team on Emotional Intelligence, how would you handle this task, what actio


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