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Static evaluation is the act of understanding something as temporally immobile. In the sense that we may view a person as, say, anxious without consideration for the precursors for that (situations in life that may result in heightened anxiety over time) or the possibility for that presence of anxiety to change in the future. The chapter suggests the use of indexing to combat this method of view, in short indexing is a method of labeling a descriptor as relevant to a specific time, or even place ("Vy 'in college' was rude"). Oftentimes in tense situations regarding our direct family members it becomes easy to employ static evaluation. Where, especially from the point of view of the child, a father may seem stubborn (with years of obstinacy to reinforce the idea). The reality of the situation though, as explained by other (elder) family members was that said obstinacy was not always so prevalent (and in fact continued experience has shown it to be in flux over time). The understanding of others as fellow products in progress is profoundly useful in interpersonal relations and their eventual repercussions within one's self.

Reference no: EM131398620

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