Acid deposition can take which of the following forms

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Question 1

Acid deposition can take which of the following forms?

A.rain and snow

B.mist and fog

C.Both A and B

D.Neither A nor B

Question 2

Which of the following issues with acid rain is a concern in Europe because of the close proximity of nations?

A.The countries causing the acid rain were not the countries feeling most of the effects.

B.The country with the highest population was causing the most problems.

C.The countries with the lowest populations were causing the most problems.

D.The countries feeling most of the effects are the same ones causing the problems.

Question 3

Which of the following features of the Alps came from the formation of thicker ice which led to greater erosion?

A.the high peaks or summits

B.the slopes and side paths

C.the deep ravines and the rock steps

D.the arable flatlands surrounding the base

Question 4

Why do erosional landforms occur more often in the cooler seasons?

A.because the tectonic plates shift when the temperatures drop

B.because glaciers tend to advance downward due to gravity and pressure

C.because melting ice from the top peaks slips after depositing

D.because erosional landforms depend on higher temperatures to amass

Question 5

The same effect on buildings made of limestone can be felt on statues made of marble. They are both subject to deterioration.



Question 6

According to the reading, which of the following structures built across Europe in the late 19th and 20th centuries were often made of limestone?

A.train stations and banks

B.prisons and post offices


D.none of these were mentioned in the reading

Question 7

In which of the following areas is limestone-based architecture and landmarks especially popular?

A.North America and Europe

B.Asia and North America


D.South and Central America

Question 8

Based on the chart in the lesson, which of the following is a potential benefit of GMOs?

A.decreased use of pesticides

B.increased supply of food with a longer shelf life

C.both of these are a benefit of GMOs

D.neither of these are a benefit of GMOs

Question 9

Originally, the idea of selective breeding relied on nature to produce the desired gene, and then humans would mate plants and animals with the correct genes to do which of the following? eliminate some species of plants all together mass produce all plants and animals more quickly make the desired trait more pronounced eliminate some species of animals all together

Question 10

Based on the chart in the lesson, which of the following is a potential risk of GMOs?

A.Plants and animals can become more susceptible to certain diseases.

B.Plants and animals can become less resistant to some pests.

C.There could be unexpected environmental effects.

D.All of the above are a potential risk of GMOs.

Reference no: EM13329742

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