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Setting SMART goals is key for a team to achieve a high level of performance. The text book suggest that these goals be stretched but realistic and that the subordinate be given the opportunity to provide input on what these goals should be. I have an issue here. I am given a stretched goals by my boss and really don't have much input on what these are. Which means I really don't have much of a choice but to pass goals along to my subordinates for obvious reasons. If I were to give them lesser goals, I probably wouldn't be meeting my goals. How would you approach this situation?

Reference no: EM131172714

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HRIS-Security and Privacy Considerations - Why are information security and privacy important considerations in the designing, development, and maintenance of an HRIS?

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Discussion Question 1: Many people view conflict as universally negative. Do you agree with this statement? Should organizations seek to reduce OR control conflict? Give


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