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1. A high LPC leader is:

a. is very critical of coworkers with whom it is difficult to work

b. very participative when making decisions about the work

c. less likely to be effective as a leader in most situations

d. has a primary motivation to maintain cooperative relationships

2. According to Path-goal Theory, directive leadership is most effective when:

a. the task is simple and repetitive

b. work roles are ambiguous

c. the task is tedious and stressful

d. work roles are interdependent

3. According to Cognitive Resources Theory, there is less likely to be a relation between intelligence and leader effectiveness when:

a. there is a high level of interpersonal stress

b. the task is complex and unstructured

c. the leader has little prior experience with the task

d. the task requires frequent problem solving

4. Which of the following was not mentioned as a way to routinize charisma?

a. appoint as the successor a charismatic leader who shares the vision

b. create an administrative structure that will continue to implement the vision

c. embed the vision in the culture of the organization

d. use training programs to develop charisma among the followers themselves

5. Charismatic leadership is best understood by examining:

a. leader characteristics

b. leader and subordinate characteristics

c. leader and situational characteristics

d. leader, subordinate, and situational characteristics

6. Which theory most emphasizes social identification?

a. Meindl's social contagion theory

b. Shamir's self concept theory

c. Conger and Kanungo's attribution theory

d. Bass' transformational leadership theory

7. According to Shamir, the vision articulated by charismatic leaders emphasizes:

a. specific, challenging performance objectives

b. tangible benefits that justify exceptional follower effort

c. symbolic and expressive aspects of the work itself

d. factual evidence about the feasibility of the objectives

8. According to Conger and Kanungo, charismatic leaders are most likely to advocate:

a. continued loyalty to established values and traditions about how things are done

b. small, incremental changes in how things are done in the organization

c. radical changes in the core ideology and primary values of followers

d. major changes that are consistent with the primary values of followers

9. Which of the following is part of Meindl's social contagion theory of charisma?

a. emergence of a new leader in the group following demonstration of superior ability to solve important task problems

b. follower imitation of behavior displayed by a highly attractive leader with whom they identify strongly

c. attribution of charisma to a leader by followers to rationalize strong emotions and behavior that is inconsistent with their espoused beliefs

d. arousal of motives by a leader who inspires loyalty among followers and commitment to ideological objectives

10. According to Burns, transforming leaders are most likely to appeal to:

a. fairness and reciprocity

b. economic self interest

c. respect for rules and tradition

d. ideals and moral values

11. Descriptive research on narcissistic charismatics found that they are most likely to:

a. take the time to guide and facilitate the implementation of their vision in the organization

b. press ahead in a persistent quest to attain their vision despite setbacks or negative evidence

c. give recognition to followers who make important contributions to the attainment of the vision

d. plan carefully for a successor qualified to protect the vision after the leader departs

Reference no: EM13784947

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