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1. In which leadership theory is sharing power with followers most important?

a. Shamir's self concept theory

b. Meindl's social contagion theory

c. Conger and Kanungo's attribution theory

d. Bass' transformational leadership theory

2. According to Bass, effective transformational leaders:

a. select subordinates who will be loyal and uncritical

b. challenge strongly held values of followers to get their attention

c. delegate most decisions to self-managed teams

d. use a combination of transformational and transactional behaviors

3. In the Shamir et al. theory of charisma, what is the most important influence process?

a. internalization

b. personal identification

c. social identification

d. instrumental compliance

4. Which was not recommended as a guideline for transformational leaders?

a. ask followers to place their trust in the special ability of the leader

b. express confidence that followers will be able to attain the vision

c. use dramatic, symbolic actions to emphasize key values in the vision

d. empower followers to find effective ways to attain the vision

5. Which is most likely to be effective for implementing major change?

a. make followers feel responsible for failure of the old strategy

b. provide opportunities to experience early success in implementing change

c. emphasize the obstacles so followers will not become complacent

d. maintain control over sensitive information about new problems

6. What is the best way for the CEO to deal with managers in key positions who continue to resist a major change?

a. try to isolate them and work around them

b. replace them with people who will support the change

c. ignore them and hope they will come to see why the change was necessary

d. keep increasing the pressure on them to support the change

7. Which of the following is the most effective way for a leader to influence the culture of an organization according to Schein?

a. post a statement of the organization's values in prominent places

b. use stories and myths to communicate key values and beliefs

c. use orientation and training programs to convey values and priorities

d. act in ways that emphasize key values and priorities

8. Which of the following was not recommended for developing a vision for an organization?

a. rely on personal understanding of organization members as the primary source of ideas for a vision

b. identify strategic objectives with wide appeal and use them as a source of insights about shared values

c. ensure that the vision is compatible with core competencies in the organization

d. continually assess the feasibility of the vision and refine it as new possibilities are discovered

9. Which of the following is most useful for developing a learning organization?

a. encourage employees to become specialists in functional areas

b. encourage systems thinking by managers at all levels of the organization

c. create a reward system that fosters competition among employees

d. use imitation of competitors as the primary basis for innovation

e. a and b

10. Which is least likely to be the reason for resistance to major changes in job content and procedures by people who have been doing the job with moderate success for many years?

a. concern about their future job security in the organization

b. concern about not being able to adjust to the necessary changes

c. concern about the high cost to the organization of making the changes

d. a belief that the proposed changes are unnecessary

11. According to Schein, organization culture is least likely to help people:

a. maintain cooperative relationships within the organization

b. understand how things are done in the organization

c. understand the environment and how to respond to it

d. understand their individual skills and how to use them

12. Which of the following is least likely to be a reason for resistance by employees to a proposal by top management to change the current strategy?

a. a climate of distrust in the organization

b. the fear of losing status and power

c. cynicism about the feasibility of the proposed change

d. resentment of external dependencies

13. A successful vision for an organization is most likely to include:

a. specific performance objectives with a clear deadline

b. a memorable slogan about the key value to be achieved

c. a list of desirable features for the organization's products or services

d. a vivid image of what can be achieved and why it is worthwhile

14. What type of culture is most likely to facilitate long-term performance by an organization in a turbulent environment?

a. a culture that strongly supports the current competitive strategy

b. a culture consistent with the values of the most powerful subunit

c. a culture that emphasizes the need for flexibility and continuous learning

d. a culture that creates goal alignment among organization members

Reference no: EM13784731

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