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1. Assume that aggregate demand in the economy is anemic, causing unemployment. Which of the following would be most in accord with appropriate government fiscal policy?

A. an increase in Federal income tax rates B. a decrease in the size of income tax exemptions for each dependent C. passage of legislation providing for the construction of 8,000 new school buildings D. an decrease in soil conservation subsidies to farmers

2. Mrs. O’Leary hired Jean as her buyer’s agent to find a house for her in Michigan. Jean found a house meeting Mrs. O’Leary’s specifications, but she liked it so much that she made an offer on it herself while continuing to look for another house for Mrs. O’Leary. Eventually Jean found a house almost as nice as the first one for a price Mrs. O’Leary could afford. Mrs. O’Leary bought it. Does Mrs. O’Leary have any claim against Jean?

A. Yes, because Jean violated her duty of care to Mrs. O’Leary.

B. Yes, because Jean violated her duty of loyalty (fiduciary duty) to Mrs. O’Leary by usurping an opportunity belonging to her principal

C. No, because Jean did find Mrs. O’Leary a house.

D. No, because Mrs. O’Leary was none the wiser.

Reference no: EM131392635

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