Acceptance of the central dogma

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We will spend a great deal of time in this course exploring the structure, function, and physiology of proteins, often ignoring the intricate, highly regulated processes of transcription and translation that produce them! The purpose of this problem set (probably a review for most of you) is to consider the link between genes and proteins.

After completing the reading from Alberts (refer to course information tab for instructions on how to access) related to genomic diversity and
transcription/translation, consider the following questions:

1) Choose three "classic" experiments that led to the acceptance of the central dogma and briefly describe the experiment and the conclusion.

2) Describe some of the mechanisms by which genomes evolve. Which do you think has the greatest impact and why?

3) How does diversity (or conservation) of the genome relate to genomics (the study of genomes)? In what ways is it beneficial? Detrimental?

There are no formal length requirements for this assignment, though each question should be able to be answered in a paragraph or two. When
possible, use specific examples and properly cite any outside references used.

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Reference no: EM13670091

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