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In order to become successful in life, one must achieve their life goals.  Some of my life goals are to get a good education, get a good job in the business management area, be wise and make good decisions, build good relationships with different types of people, and learn new things.  Achieving these life goals will drive me to success, happiness, and a sense of self-satisfaction.

For the purpose of achieving my life goals, I would first need to receive a good education from a well-known school like St. Thomas.  Education is very important to me and is the foundation in almost everything in life.  Being a student at St. Thomas will help me achieve my life goals in the long run.  St. Thomas is a big university with a wide variety of both social and educational events, programs, services, and activities.  This university attracts all types of students that pursues different majors.  St. Thomas also provides a sense of connectedness with various types of people to create a warm, friendly environment.  In the process of earning my bachelor's degree, this diversified environment will provide a great opportunity in both academic and social development.  It will help me achieve my life goals in that I will become more open-minded as I learn to deal with all kinds of individuals and meet successful students.  Engaging in this community would help me in my future career as a manager because it will give me the chance to build relationships with different types of people.  Being a student at St. Thomas will also help me enhance my learning with all the programs and activities that the school offers.

Reference no: EM13158029

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