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Think about your favorite advertisement or promotional campaign. Analyze the promotion with regard to the purpose of the ad, the message, the appeal, the media, etc. Why do you think this advertisement is effective (or not effective)? (marketing class)

Reference no: EM131148337

Discuss different stakeholders views of healthcare quality

Discuss the different stakeholders’ views of healthcare quality. Discuss how structure, process, and outcomes interact within a healthcare organization. Compare and contrast C

Compute the nash equilibria

Spend 2 or 3 hours observing the organization in which you are employed. During the observation, identify internal and external interactions of the organization. Compute the N

What are the maximum and minimum cycle times

An assembly line with 30 activities is to be balanced. The total amount of time to complete all 30 activities is 42 minutes. The longest activity takes 2.4 minutes and the sho

Telecommuting and other mobile work arrangements

Given the growth in telecommuting and other mobile work arrangements, how might offices physically change in the coming years? Will offices as we think of them today exist by

The number of other bidders who attend the auction

Consider an auction in which the government wants to auction out a construction project, to the lowest bidding contractor. A group of bidders (firms) are attending theauction

Develop your business analysis-problem statement documents

Develop your Business Analysis and Problem Statement documents. For the problem statement, pick a hypothetical problem and list a few possible causes of that problem. I picked

Determine the upper and lower control limits of the x chart

Several samples of size 5 each were taken from a fertilizer-bag-filling machines. The results were: Overall mean x = 60lbs; Average range R=2 lbs. Determine the upper and lowe

Core values and morph into different entities

Do companies change their core values and "morph" into different entities? Take, for instance, Amazon and how it has grown and matured. has its core values changes over time a


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