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Major Bill Bligh, Director of the Army War College’s new six-month attaché training program, is concerned about how the 20 officers taking the course spend their time while in his charge. Major Bligh recognizes that there are 168 hours per week and thinks his students have been using them rather inefficiently.

Bligh lets:

X1 = number of hours of sleep needed per week

X2 = number of personal hours

X3 = number of hours of class and studying

X4 = number of hours of social time off base

He thinks that students should study at least 30 hours a week to have time to absorb the material. This is his most important goal. Bligh feels that students need at most 7 hours of sleep per night on average and that this goal is number 2. He believes that goal number 3 is to provide at least 20 hours per week of social time.

Formulate this goal programming problem. Solve with the software (lindo or excel) of your choice.

Reference no: EM131435696

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