About the rise in smoking in emerging markets

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Global Target Marketing and Ethics

As per the discussion in the book, Smoking is on the decline in high-income countries where the combination of longer life expectancy, education, income, and legal action has created a powerful anti-smoking campaign. Global tobacco companies are shifting their focus from high income to emerging markets where the combination of rising income and the absence of anti-smoking campaigns is leading to ever-increasing demand for cigarettes. Is this targeting by global tobacco companies ethical? Is it legal? What, if anything, should residents in high-income countries do about the rise in smoking in emerging markets?

Reference no: EM132280219

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Subordinating consumer interests to profit making

Self-regulation can easily become an instrument for subordinating consumer interests to profit making when the two goals clash. Under the guise of self-regulation, businesses

About extreme inequality

Inequality of income is greater in the United States than in other capitalist countries. What do you think explains this? Is there something unjust about extreme inequality? I

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Decision making should never be used in making decisions

Evidence-based decision making should never be used in making decisions. Evidence-based decision making should never be used in informing decisions.. Evidence-based decision m

Explain strategy and leadership

Your local small business association is organizing a workshop centered upon the impact of corporate culture on leadership and corporate strategy. They are seeking to differ


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