About the pros and cons of unions

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Now that you have learned much about the pros and cons of unions, what direction should US labor unions should take in the future? What direction should employers take in the future regarding unions?

Reference no: EM13965857

Relationship between country foreign direct investments

Relationship between country foreign direct investments, and a country’s balance of payments. Are some FDI initiatives better than others at helping a country’s BOP accounts?

Determine the optimal order quantity per order

A firm is faced with the attractive situation in which it can obtain immediate delivery of an item it stocks for retail sale. The firm has therefore not bothered to order the

Share your advice on selecting markets for new sales

A CEO of a successful US clothing store that sells men’s and women’s athletic wear is considering expanding to markets outside the USA. The company is well established in the

Definitions of overweight and obese

Compare various definitions of overweight and obese: compare US government definitions vs. the social construction of obese. What clothing size is a Plus size for men and wo

Which will allow a random drawing of a set of pre determined

Promotion which I would like to run would be spelling of a 7 letter word. This promotion would be run over a period of 30 days. There will only one card per shoe dealt which

Discuss the importance of manager knowledge

Using your textbook and any external sources available, discuss the importance of manager knowledge and capability in managerial accounting OR food production. Provide some

Evaluate situation with respect the sexual harassment

Jim works as a first grade teacher in a local public grammar school. All of the other teachers and the principal in the school are female. Some of the teachers make lewd comme

The effectiveness of staffing process for entry-level jobs

In developing a report on the effectiveness of a staffing process for entry-level jobs, what factors would you address and why? Why would an organization be interested in this


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