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Girard University offered Steamer Ferris a professional position. Girard offered to provide Steamer a house and to pay him an annual salary of $50,000 plus benefits for teaching three classes per semester. Girard said that yearly raises would be contingent upon Steamer's performance. Steamer agreed to the contract as long as Girard would also provide an administrative position for his wife. Have Girard and Steamer created a contract? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131030756

Investigating corporate mission and vision statements

The overall purpose of this exercise is to enhance your understanding about the value of creating mission and vision statements and the need to create organizational goals in

Home loans typically involve points

Home loans typically involve “points,” which are fees charged by the lender. Each point charged means that the borrower must pay 1% of the loan amount as a fee. For example, i

Required to be satisfied under the corporations act

With reference to the relevant sections of the Corporations Act (2001) (Cth) and case law, discuss the procedure and the legal requirements that may have been required to be s

Physician supply on quality of and access to care

Describe the training of physicians in the U.S. healthcare delivery system today. Consider the labor supply for this profession and the impact of changes in physician supply o

Observe scanner and point-of-sale system

Observe a scanner and Point-of-Sale (POS) system checkout counter at a store such as K-Mart, Target or Wal-Mart and answer the questions that follow. How does the scanned bar-

What are some of the benefits of pcas

We have discussed extensively over the past eight weeks the benefits, tools, and methodologies to project monitoring and control. Effective project monitoring requires acces

Implementing a stakeholder perspective on doing business

memo in which you advise the board of directors how to correct past problems and set up more responsible governance, especially in implementing a stakeholder perspective on

Were the affected businesses prepared

Share with us a personal experience involving a natural or man-made crisis or disaster that interrupted your normal routines and/or created a problem for the businesses they


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