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If the population of Argentina was 26.5 million in 1960 and the average population growth rate is 0.6 percent per year, then Argentina's population would have been about ______ in 2000.

a) 35.66

b) 33.66

c) 31.33

d) 37.33

Reference no: EM13896714

What is elasticity of aggregate demand over this interval

What happens to the aggregate quantity demanded in nominal terms over this interval? Using the formula for price elasticity of demand what is the elasticity of aggregate deman

Characteristics-limitations of life insurance underwriting

In this session, we have learned the characteristics and limitations of life insurance underwriting. Explain what the characteristics and limitations are in reference to two,

What is the equation for net marginal benefits

Groundwater needs to be allocated between two periods, knowing that it will be totally used up in period two. What is the equation for net marginal benefits (NMB) is year 1? W

The theory of ricardian equivalence

Using our best data-based guesses about real-world elasticity, the demand for loanable funds curve is probably rather ______________ and the effects of crowding out are likely

Determine the equilibrium real interest rate

Use the following data table to determine the equilibrium real interest rate after certain factors change: Month Real Interest Rate (%) Loan able Funds (trillions of $) Exogen

What is the preferred regression method of analysis

Assume that you work for a nation-wide firm that has multiple store per state. When addressing major issues such as determining the factors that contribute to store profitabil

Will this program eliminate the poverty trap

A government program guarantees $18,000 in income, even for those who do not work at all. If the recipient earns income by working, then the $18,000 benefit is reduced by 50 c

What is the real wage of labor

Assume that the production function is given by Y = AK0.5L0.5, where Y is GDP, K is capital stock, and L is labor. The parameter A is equal to 10. Assume also that capital is


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