About the notion of arbitration being private

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What do you think about the notion of arbitration being private? Does that benefit union or management? Are there times when it is important to have public proceedings in a dispute between union and management?

Reference no: EM131080916

Discuss in detail some of the practices to have developed

Discuss in detail some of the practices to have developed as alternatives to the traditional work schedule of a full-time, eight-hour day at the employer's place of business

Define decision variables and objective function

In the Ma-and Pa grociery stores, shelf space is limited and must be used effectively to increase profit. Two cereal items, Grano and Wheatie, compete for a total shelf space

Operation for which a law enforcement agency to engage

In your initial post, cover the events behind the ATF's Fast and Furious program. After that, discuss whether or not this type of program is/was an appropriate type of operati

Automatic teller machine to transact business

Many of a bank’s customers use its automatic teller machine to transact business after normal banking hours. During the early evening hours in the summer months, customers arr

What is labor productivity per labor hour for toupe saddles

Road racing bikes have special seats that are flexible with minimum contact with cyclists. These seats are called toupe saddles. Roscoe Specialty Equipment makes 100 of these

Find an example of training evaluation

Google "training evaluations" and find an example of a training evaluation. Post the URL or link to the training evaluation and discuss how the questions asked in the evaluati

Transportation security administration

Using the Internet or any other resource, identify and describe at least two actions that are being taken by the Transportation Security Administration to improve the security

Why senior management fail to realize value of human assets

The primary issue is that people want to be challenged. People want to be challenged, at least initially, in terms of their Assignments. They also want to be continuously chal


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