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This project requires you to identify and analyze legal issues and to make recommendations based on one or more fact patterns. The issues will relate to the concepts covered in weeks 1, 2, and 3 about the legal environment of business and business organizations. Review Grading Rubric. 2. Review the following scenarios and provide in depth answers to the questions. 3. Submit completed assignment in Word or PDF format to the Assignment Folder. Report Format Requirements: Label each Part of analysis, as Part I A., Part I B., Part II A, Part II B Analyses should be comprehensive, fully supported/justified/explained, specific, and detailed in rationale (this is a most important requirement of this project) Analyses should be paragraph format All in text citations must be in APA proper format Part I A and Part I B should each be a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs per part, but may be longer, for a total of a minimum of 4 paragraphs total for Part I Part II A should each be a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs, but may be longer Part II B should be a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs, but may be longer Use at lease one relevant case FOR EACH PART, Part I and Part II; the cases may be assigned reading cases or cases you research

Reference no: EM131423584

Six months prior to the expiration of the term of the lease

The letter to J&M, the landlords, was lost in the mail. The landlords refused to renew the lease. Do the parties have an agreement to extend the lease for another five years?

What is the ethical dilemma or issue

You are the CEO of a chicken-processing company. The Vice President of marketing informs you that if you label your chicken as “free range” you can charge 20% more and greatly

Personal leadership theory

Personal Leadership Theory Describe your own personal leadership theory and evaluate how your theory upholds ethical principles. Your response should be at least 200 words in

Five characteristics of good indicator and metric

Which of the following should you consider in a business analysis communication plan? Which of the following is not one of the five characteristics of a good indicator and met

Amazons big data strategy

Using the case, "Amazon's Big Data Strategy" Please Identify Amazons Business Level Strategy i.e. Competitive Strategy, Marketing, and other areas that drive the organization.

Research and self profile

Using free secondary data sources, attempt to research and profile YOU as a customer. Go to at least five sources of information (more if possible) and compile the information

Speaking about life in assisted living facilities

This week we are speaking about life in assisted living facilities and managing assisted living facilities. This is BIG business in America! (a) Find an assisted living facili

Prepare the aggregate plan to cover six periods

Prepare the aggregate plan to cover six periods. period 1 forecast 200, period 2 forecast 200, period 3 forecast 300, period 4 forecast 400, period 5 forecast 500, period 6 fo


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