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Several candidates in the 2010 election cycle, including Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin proposed right to work legislation in states with a strong union shop tradition. Despite strong union opposition, Indiana enacted right to work legislation in 2011, Michigan in 2013, and Wisconsin in 2015, while similar efforts in Ohio failed. Do you believe that more states will seek to become “right to work” states?

Reference no: EM131144388

Draw the line on supporting socially responsible programs

Where does a company like starbucks draw the line on supporting socially responsible programs? For example, how much of its annual budget should go towards these programs? How

Different types of evidence are discussed

In this chapter, different types of evidence are discussed. If outside evidence is more reliable than evidence from the company, should the auditor plan to obtain only outside

Economic order quantity-annual holding-annual order cost

The weekly requirement of a part is 5910 units. The order cost is $260 per order. The holding cost is $10 per unit per year, and the part cost is $850 per unit. The firm opera

Classifying client into safe or risky category affect audit

The book mentions that it is necessary for the auditor to understand the client's business. Why is that the case? How does classifying the client into a safe or risky category

What are some of the typical project challenges

What are some of the typical project challenges? Name some you have experienced. Discuss the difference between projects and operations activities. Discuss the value of projec

Decides to use air shipments instead of ocean shipping

Letni Corporation buys computers from Taiwan. Shipments are made by ocean carrier. It takes eight weeks for a shipment to travel from Taiwan to New York. Letni sells 510,000 c

Upper and lower control limit for three-sigma control chart

The overall average on a process you are attempting to monitor is 75 units. The process standard deviation is 1.95, and the sample size is n= 10. What would be the upper and l

Adoption and enforcement of laws affect business entities

Why do we need environmental laws and what do they accomplish? Who regulates these activities and enforces environmental laws? How does the adoption and enforcement of these l


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