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(1) Bowers and Seashore (1966) suggested that group effectiveness was, in part, dependent upon the presence of a set of behaviors that we commonly associate with leadership. They went on to note, however, that it was not necessary that the leader per se directed these behaviors to the group. Discuss what Bowers and Seashore meant by this, and comment upon why a leader is important, assuming that they are not supplying the group with these key behaviors.

(2) Several indicators of leader effectiveness were found to be associated with variations in leader behavior. Summarizing the work of Fleishman and Harris (1962), what have we learned about leader behavior and leader effectiveness?

(3) Employing the path-goal theory of leadership, discuss how and why leader behavior is related to subordinate motivation. Discuss the process through which leader behavior impacts subordinate performance and satisfaction.

Reference no: EM13870462

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