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First off, I'd like to say this book was an easier read for me than the previous three. I liked how personable it was and I felt like I could relate to the "story" better than the other books. With that being said, the story is about a family owned business that is going through a rough patch. A man named Henry is the president of Hannah's Shop and has the intention of passing the business down to his daughter, Carolyn. Carolyn's husband Paul is currently the manager of the store and is the one who encounters the problems. The store is not doing as well as other stores in the region. A water pipe busts causing them to move their stock out of the store in order to eliminate any damage, or as much as possible. Roger, who is a friend of Paul, assists in warehouse space which actually ends up making the success of Hannah's shop rise tremendously. Roger was able to help with the inventory and how much of each item were kept in store and it eventually led to an increase in sales and made Hannah's shop number one in the region.

I am wondering why Henry, the president of Hannah's Shop, didn't try to tackle the problem of being number eight in sales in the region sooner? I also felt like when things went haywire with the pipe bursts, the employees were each doing their own thing rather than Paul, store manager, directing people like I feel he should have. Instead, he let everyone just do what they thought would work best and it was very unorganized.

If you were in Paul's or Henry's position, what would you have done differently? What would you have done better?

Answer these question with a substantial 2-3 paragraph response.

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