About and participate in supply chain decisions

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1. Show persuasive speech outline on: The Growing Fast Food Culture. Need it in and outline format with 4 to 6 cited or sources. Please put in outline format with cited listed.

2. Why do marketing professionals care about and participate in supply chain decisions? Do you think small business owners are at a disadvantage if they lack the marketing research resources that large companies have? Why, or why not?

3. Identify and discuss five tips that can help you use the phone confidently and professionally.

Reference no: EM132184506

What did the court decide

What factors should a court consider in reviewing the size of any punitive damage award? Why does the court conclude that the award was not excessive in this case? 5. What w

Develop a plan to monitor the quality of this line

How many defectives do you need to find (or more) in a sample of 20 so that you will shut down the line. You want to be 95% sure that there is a real problem beyond random n

Choice for a board member in the health care institution

Why a direct member from the community may not be the best choice for a board member in the health care institution? And what are the benefit of a diverse group as board membe

The drop in gas prices benefited thousands of firms

The drop in gas prices benefited thousands of firms. Does the fact confirm that "external factors are more important than internal factors" in strategic planning? Discuss.

Explain why effective communication

Identify an effective leader who you believe is also a good communicator and explain the reasoning behind your choice. (This individual can be a widely known figure or someone

Discuss some forecasting issues

Discuss some forecasting issues that you encounter in your daily life. How do you make your forecasts? Are your forecasts accurate? What improvements can you make in the forec

Refer back to three organizational charts

Step 1 In this chapter, refer back to three organizational charts that are illustrated. Southwest Airline, Hersey Foods and Microsoft. For each chart, identify four shortcomin

What order quantity will result in lowest total annual cost

The Bookstore orders Panther t-shirts from a supplier. The demand for these t-shirts is 7,396 per year. There is a $20 charge for placing an order and the cost per t-shirt to


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