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A single mutant allele gives rise to an abnormal form of hemoglobin (HbS) instead of HbA. Homozygotes (HbS HbS) develop sickle-cell anemia. Heterozygotes (HbA HbS) show few obvious symptoms unless under duress.

Suppose a woman's mother is homozygous for the HbA allele, and they plan to have children. The father has been found to be a heterozygote, showing a few symptoms.

For each of her pregnancies, state the probability that this couple will have a child who is...

(A) Homozygous for the HbS allele:_________________

(B) Homozygous for the HbA allele:________________

(C) Heterozygous {HbA HbS}:_________________

Reference no: EM132280130

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